Two Axis Variable Speed System


The complete two-axis package contains everything you need to adapt your two-axis milling machine to the Mach-1 Tool changing system along with a full set of tools and system accessories.

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The Mach-1 Two Axis Package contains everything you need to install this quick change tooling system. Utilizing versatile full-size R8 tooling to except all types of end mills this complete package includes a full set of collets, collet closers, end mill holders, hardware and a tool tray… everything you need to perform a variety of milling functions.

Installation is simple using an illustrated reference manual or an online video that guide you step-by-step through the installation process. The manual also has illustrated instructions for operating the Mach-1 system through a wide range of tooling.

In addition to the hardware for converting your knee mill to the Mach-1 Quick Change Tooling System, the 2 Axis Package includes a complete set of R-8 collets,  collet closers, tool holders, and a tool tray.