About Mach-1 and Our R8 Quick Change Tooling System

Mach-1 Systems Inc. is yet another classic American success story

Mach-1’s founder Marc Boisvert, a machine shop owner, has grown-up in the machine tool industry and has seen all the changes from Manual to N.C. and then C.N.C.  As the industry had grown around him he introduced faster machines to the shop. Parts could be produced quickly with great precision but the secondary operations were a bottle neck on his Bridgeport’s.

Soon he recognized the ability of the pull stud and what it meant to increase the speed of tool changes. So he decided to create a system to incorporate the pull stud into R8 tooling. Anyone using R8 tooling on a regular basis should try the Mach-1 R8 Quick Change Tooling System. It is the most cost-effective way to increase productivity and inspire end users to become better machinist. The Mach-1 gives you the fastest tool changes for Bridgeport style machines in the industry, collets that give you repeatability from one tool change to the next and added rigidity with our drive collar tooling.

This was the beginning of Marc’s journey to becoming an American inventor and entrepreneur. Marc’s various patented innovations make up the Mach-1 Quick Change Tooling System. (8 total Patents in all). Pat. # 6,592,305 – 6,280.125 – 5,957,636 – 5,885,305 – 5,846,037, 412,512 – 397,125

We still have the 1st Bridgeport that we started with and yes, it has a Mach-1 R8 Quick Change Tooling System in it.

For more information about the Mach-1 R8 Quick Change Tooling System, call 978.922.0268 or email us.